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We have been serving the needs of pets and their owners since 1972. We are proud to serve the Edmonton neighborhoods of Delton; Killarney; Lauderdale; Westwood; Eastwood; Rosslyn; Glengarry; Delwood; Balwin; Elmwood Park; Belvedere; Montrose; Newton; Calder; Kensington; Griesbach; Northmount; Evansdale; Kildare; Kilkenny; York; Casselman; McLeod; Eaux Claire; Belle Rive; Mayliewan; Ozerna; Matt Berry; Hollick-Kenyon; Beaumaris, Lorelei; Spruce Avenue, Alberta Avenue; Parkdale. Over the last four decades our practice has grown from a staff of two veterinarians and two non-professional assistants to a professional pet health care team of 20.

Welcome to DVH.

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We specialize in treating most family pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits. We are happy to welcome new patients, urgent appointments, and same day call-in appointments.

Is Your Pet Suffering?

We ♥ Your Pets!

We offer a full range of veterinary services including complete physical exams and consultations, spaying and neutering, vaccines, medical, orthopaedic, and dental x-rays, ultrasound, allergy testing, treatment of skin and ear disease, all routine surgeries, as well as advanced orthopaedic surgeries.

We also offer comprehensive dental care such as dental hygiene, dental cleaning, and dental surgery.

Hours: Monday to Friday –  8am to 6pm Saturdays – 8am to 3pm


The DVH Vet Blog

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What is a Delton Veterinary Hospital Physical Exam and Consultation?

We believe the comprehensive physical exam and consultation help our pets live a longer and healthier life. It should be performed semi-annually to annually depending on the age and specific healthcare needs of your pet. Pets age faster than us. A year in your life is equivalent to 5 to 7 years in your pets meaning a semi-annual physical for your pet is equivalent to a physical for you about every 3 years.

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To all the angels at Delton Veterinary Hospital. This is a very small thanks- we can’t possibly express all we want to say! For everything you do, have done and will do in the future for the fur, feathered & scaled families & their servants. We have trusted & will continue to rely on your expertise & compassion. Thank you for everything!
Milt and Kim & Sooty, Fred, Kato, Oreo, Angus, Misty, Skippito, Jalapeno, Mango.