What is a Vet Tech?

Thank a Vet Tech? What for? Well, to work as a registered veterinary technologist in Alberta, professionals must graduate from a Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, or CVMA, approved post-secondary program and successfully pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam, or VTNE. Students enrolled in a VT program train in laboratory work, diagnostic imaging, anesthesiology, medical and surgical nursing, surgical assisting and veterinary office management.

Lots of skill and knowledge

A Vet Tech, or Registered Veterinary Technologist, or RVT, and sometimes called a Nurse, is a highly trained and skilled member of a veterinary team. At Delton Veterinary Hospital, technologists work closely with Veterinarians, animal care attendants, management, and clients ensuring your pet is provided a high level of quality care while you are informed of every step along the way.

And that’s why you should thank a VT.