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Keeping your bird healthy

Birds are very hardy creatures and can remain long-time companions if a few steps are taken to maintain their health. These include 5 basic areas.

Feeding A Balanced Diet
Feeding a proper diet assures that your bird receives all nutrients necessary for resistance to disease, as well as colourful feathering and...Read More »

Feeding your pet bird for health

Strategy for all birds: Increase quality protein, vitamins, and minerals and reduce fat. People food should be limited because birds will choose the wrong things (mostly fats and starches).
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Foods in this section represent 10-20% of calories fed...Read More »

Formulated diets should make up 80-90+% of you bird's caloric intake

Formulated Diets (Pellets and Extruded Products)
These products attempt to offer a complete diet when fed alone. We strongly recommend that birds on these diets are fed primarily: Harrison’s HBD; Roudybush; Zupreem; Pretty Bird; Exact; or CeeDee (for canaries). We will provide conversion tips on your invoice.

Caution: Some brands, when...Read More »

Disinfection in the Bird's Environment

1) Replace perches 2-4 times a year. It is impossible to properly disinfect wooden perches, although these offer the best support for birds’ feet.

2) Wash and disinfect food and water dishes daily. First, wash with dish soap or in the dishwasher. Second, disinfect with either chlorine bleach (1 cup per...Read More »