“Thundershirts™” may provide relief for many types of dog anxiety, including thunderstorms.
The “Thundershirt” applies gentle, constant pressure and can have a dramatic calming effect on the nervous system.

“My 12-year-old Lab cross, Sophie, has always had a fear of thunderstorms. In previous years, thunderstorms in our area have been infrequent, so her anxiety has been easy to control. The frequency of thunderstorms has caused Sophie’s anxiety to be unmanageable. Recently she has been frightened enough that her safety has been a concern. Delton Veterinary Hospital suggested trying a “Thundershirt” for Sophie. I have to admit that I was unsure whether this product would work. One morning, Sophie must have sensed a storm coming and was anxious as usual. Approximately 5-10 minutes after applying her new “Thundershirt” I went to see where she was hiding and found a very relaxed Sophie fast asleep on her dog bed! I am pleasantly surprised by the effects this shirt had on her thunderstorm anxiety.”