Hold your breath! And don’t bother wasting time asking everyone and their aunt about remedies for removing skunk smell. The reason why there are so many remedies to deal with skunk smell is because of residual skunk smell. The reason for residual smell is because rarely does anyone bother to scrub the part of the dog that actually got sprayed.

To effectively rid your dog of skunk smell you will need these supplies:

• Baby shampoo (these are non-irritating to the eyes)
• Water resistant clothing like a rain jacket and pants
• Rubber /latex gloves

Don your water resistant clothes and gloves. Soak the front half of your dog with the garden hose. Apply baby shampoo to the top of their head and start scrubbing. The parts of the dog on which you want to focus are:
• Muzzle
• Between the eyes
• Eyelids
• Top of the head
• Ears
• Top of the neck and shoulder blades
• Front of the chest
• Front of the forelegs

These are the parts of your dog from where residual skunk smell will emanate. Skunks always present their bum toward an approaching threat. In the event that the threat gets too close, the skunk sprays its pungent and oily anal gland contents. These contents do not travel epic distances, therefore the threat has to be up close and personal. Your dog’s nose was that threat. Don’t worry about getting shampoo in their eyes, you will worry about these when you rinse – just scrub the parts vigorously. Before proceeding to the rest of your dog, rinse thoroughly, especially around the eyes. I suggest repeating the process before bathing the rest of him/her in order to decrease the likelihood of smearing skunk anal gland contents onto the rest of your dog.