Fear Free Veterinary for You and Your Pet

Delton Veterinary Hospital believes in Fear Free veterinary visits for you and your pet. Here are two great stories from Cathy, one of our registered veterinary technologists (RVT).
I called a client to remind them about an upcoming appointment. The client said she doesn’t like coming in because her dog is anxious. I discussed everything we do to reduce anxiety in our fear free veterinary hospital, like providing treats, pheromone diffusers like adaptil, coming to the pet’s level rather than lifting them to our level, and non shiny tables. I also asked her to bring her dog a little hungry, while confirming no food allergies, and also to bring a small item that smells like home. I also suggested she come in without the dog to let us know she is here and we will “clear a path” or have her come in the side door.
The owner was so excited that we are doing something to help and that we understand her concerns. This went from a “I’m never bringing my dog in” to “I can’t wait to bring my dog in”! She is bringing a a little stuffy the dog likes, too!
On Saturday morning we had two dogs in for nail trims that were previously very reactive to foot handling. One was “restrained” with treats (no restraint needed), and the other was muzzled but did well with going slow (no restraint needed).  Both of these dogs would have been two person holds and possibly a poor memory for the dog.  Instead they both went out wagging their tails!
The Fear-Free initiative, with Dr. Marty Becker at its head, promotes the practices, methods, and tools that calm veterinary patients and create low-stress environments to encourage better healthcare. You can learn more about Fear Free veterinary visits here .
Cathy, RVT at www.deltonvet.com, fear free veterinary

Cathy, RVT, Fear Free Veterinary advocate.

Cathy is a Registered Veterinary Technologist at Delton Veterinary Hospital. She graduated from the NAIT Animal Health program in 1996. She is our liaison to the American Association Feline Practitioners (AAFP). You can read about her here.