Formulated Diets (Pellets and Extruded Products)
These products attempt to offer a complete diet when fed alone. We strongly recommend that birds on these diets are fed primarily: Harrison’s HBD; Roudybush; Zupreem; Pretty Bird; Exact; or CeeDee (for canaries). We will provide conversion tips on your invoice.

Caution: Some brands, when fed exclusively (100% of calories) to some species or individual birds may not perform properly. Increased urine output can be a sign of kidney problems.

Birds enjoy these foods, although they do not provide any nutritional benefits (American fruits): Apples, grapes, peaches, pears, celery, millet spray, seed sticks and seed bells (not nutritious).

Vitamins and Minerals
These are absolutely essential for long term health. Offer a cuttlebone to small birds. Vitamin-mineral powders placed on seed do not get into the bird. “Vitamin enriched” seed typically fails to deliver the nutrients to the bird. When mixed well into soft foods, vitamins may work. We don’t recommend vitamins if formulated diet is fed at 80-90% of the total calories.

Grit / Gravel
We do not consider this product to be a necessary part of the cage bird diet. They do not need grit and gravel to aid digestion. In fact, occasionally birds will get blockages from eating too much.