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Encouraging your pet to drink more water

About 60% to 80% of your pet’s body is made up of water. It dissolves substances—like food—and carries nutrients through the body. Almost all of the processes and chemical reactions that keep the body running, including digestion and circulation, rely on water. Water helps the body to filter out waste,...Read More »

When should I spay/neuter my pet? At what age?

Small Dogs (adult weight anticipated to be less than 23kg / 50lbs) should be neutered between 6 to 12 months of age. Large Dogs (adult weight anticipated to be more than 23 kg / 50lbs) should be neutered between 12 to 18 months of age.

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Will neutering my pet before six months of age be detrimental to their health?

Maybe. There is a growing body of evidence that refutes the commonly held notion that neutering prepubescent animals is harmless. We now know that neutered animals have reduced metabolic rates, delayed growth plate closure, and their bodies select fat over muscle mass when compared to intact (non-neutered) animals. We know...Read More »

Why should I insure my pet?

We do not want any pet to face euthanasia, a compromised quality of life, or even death resulting from an illness or injury simply because of the cost of veterinary care, and we believe pet health insurance is an excellent way to prevent that from happening.

We all love our pets...Read More »

When should I buy pet insurance?

Just as health insurance rates are lower for younger and healthier humans, the same applies for your pet. If you wait to buy pet insurance until your pet is older and/or has a pre-existing condition, coverage may not be available at all, or, if it is, it will usually be...Read More »

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