Pet Health Insurance

As with any insurance policy, the best time to buy pet insurance is when it’s not needed so it will be there when you do need it.

Why should I insure my pet? 
We do not want any pet to face euthanasia, a compromised quality of life, or even death resulting from an illness or injury simply because of the cost of veterinary care, and we believe pet health insurance is an excellent way to prevent that from happening.

We all love our pets and take measures to protect them from harm; and yet some accidents and illnesses are beyond our control.

Pet insurance gives you the confidence of knowing that when you need to, you can provide your pet with the best veterinary treatment and care.

Three Reasons for Pet Insurance

1) Preventive Maintenance
Just as with humans, pets do need preventive health care. That means your pet needs its annual check-ups, yearly shots, dental cleaning, and routine blood tests that are essential for good health. Pet insurance can help cover those yearly costs.

2) Recurring and or Chronic Illnesses
Pets can and do grow ill, and not just from old age. They can develop many of the conditions that humans do at unexpected times, such as cancer, diabetes, and other treatable illnesses. Some pets can survive and thrive for many years with such conditions, if they have the medication and treatments they need. Having pet insurance helps defray those costs of continuing care.

3) Cost Savings
Having pet insurance makes it more likely that you will be able to take your pet to the vet for the care it needs. Proper veterinary care can be expensive. Pet insurance helps you budget the costs of that care.

Pet Insurance Coverage

Just as with health insurance, pet insurance coverage can vary from one provider to another, so it’s important to compare rates and services covered. Pet insurance is available for cats and dogs; whether it extends to other household pets depends on the insurance company.

In addition to an annual premium for the insurance, there is usually a deductible and/or a co-payment to be made, so make sure you understand what terms you have to meet in order to for that coverage to kick in.

When should I buy pet insurance?

Just as health insurance rates are lower for younger and healthier humans, the same applies for your pet. If you wait to buy pet insurance until your pet is older and/or has a pre-existing condition, coverage may not be available at all, or, if it is, it will usually be at higher rates.

As with any other insurance policy, the best time to buy pet insurance is when it’s not needed so it will be there when you do need it.

Pets Adopted from Edmonton Humane Society

To help pets newly adopted from the shelter make a healthy adjustment to life in their new forever homes homes, our veterinarians give free health checkups to these animals. Please call, visit, or email for more details.