Dr. Jeffrey M. Person veterinarian Delton Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Jeffrey M. Person

Dr. Jeffrey M. Person DVM 

Dr. Jeffrey M. Person has been connected to the Delton Veterinary Hospital his whole life.  Before he was born his father, Dr. Michael Person, started the practice in 1972.  Dr. Person was raised on a small ranch near Calahoo, Alberta, and there began his love and respect for animals, nature and the environment.  He grew up with dogs, cats, pigeons, chickens, ducks, horses, falconry birds and research wolves.  As well, he helped with the care and rehabilitation of a myriad of wild animals brought to his dad by Alberta Fish & Wildlife.  He spent many summers on horseback, packing and guiding for an outfitter in the remote reaches of the Willmore Wilderness area.  Out of four siblings, it was inevitable that he would be the one to follow in his father’s footsteps.

In addition to caring for animals, Dr. Person developed a love for the classical guitar.  He began taking lessons at the age of four and continued until he entered the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon.

Dr. Person enjoys challenges and this draw is what drives his two main interests:

  1. Surgery and the important supporting disciplines of pain management and safe, modern anaesthesia.

  2. Ear infections and their accompanying skin disease often predisposed by allergies.

Dr. Person is one of a few general practitioners in Edmonton who can drive a video-otoscope to perform procedures in the outer and middle ear and one of even fewer that performs the complex total ear canal ablation and bullectomy surgery for the treatment of severe, advanced ear disease.  His expertise in this particular area earned him the invitation to contribute the video-otoscope section in the 3rd edition of the veterinary textbook Clinical Veterinary Advisor.

Dr. Person also enjoys getting to know about the interesting people that belong to his patients and he loves to teach.  His clients are interested in learning about the condition their pet has and how to treat it.  He loves to explain, show pictures, make drawings, provide web-sites so they can reference their googling.  He is also active in teaching final year veterinary students as well as veterinary technologists that come through Delton Veterinary Hospital as part of their formal education.

Because of this interest in people and love of teaching Dr. Person became a co-host for PET TALK, the 8 AM Sunday morning call-in radio show on 630 CHED, as well as a contributing author to the Ask a Vet column in the weekly published Country Asides newspaper.

Dr. Person resides in St. Albert with his wife and two children, a cat named Sam, and a dog named Trick.  The family, except for Sam who’s a home body, enjoys being outdoors whether they are skiing, backpacking, horseback riding, or fishing their way along the rivers of Alberta.