Katy Godfrey

Client Care Representative

Katy Godfrey
Katy Godfrey Client Care Representative

Katy completed her Administration Assistant Diploma in October of 2021 and then joined the Delton team in May of 2022. She has always wanted to work with animals and loves all animals, especially dogs. She has her own little girl, Winnie (Staffordshire Terrier), who is crazy and gives everyone kisses and hugs. She enjoys working with everyone here and spending her day giving everyone’s pets love and attention.

Winnie is 2 years old and a Staffordshire Terrier, she loves everyone. She is a tiny little bundle of love, that loves the off leash and doing zoomies around everyone. When she’s at home, she will either be cuddled up in your lap or on a pile of pillows! Want lots of kisses, Winnie is your girl!

Loki is a Syrian hamster and is almost two. He loves his fruit drop treats and will come running to greet you if you have one. He likes to spend his time running around the bed and exploring wherever he can get. You can give him love, on his terms. All round he’s a good boy.