Dermatology Services for Pets

Keeping your pet's skin and coat healthy through regular veterinary exams.

Issues relating to the skin, fur and nails of pets are some of the most common reasons why owners bring them to our hospital. These are areas of the body that are constantly exposed to irritants, parasites and other elements that make them susceptible to inflammation. Certain health conditions like diabetes can also cause skin issues like redness and hair loss. Fortunately, with the right diagnosis and treatment, most dermatological conditions in pets can be managed so they can look and feel great once again. For more details, please feel free to call us at 780-475-9225 and one of our client care specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

What are signs of dermatological issues in pets?

Although each pet and diagnosis will have different presentations, you can usually watch out for either behavioural or visible signs of disease. Excessive itching, scratching and even biting of themselves is a sign that your pet is feeling pain or discomfort. You may also notice redness, excess shedding, hair loss, lumps/bumps, flaking, foul odours and more.

How are skin problems in pets treated?

It will really depend on your pet’s specific case, which is why it is important to contact our team right away if you suspect they may be suffering from a dermatological health condition. Once diagnosed, your pet’s veterinarian may prescribe one or a combination of the following: topical creams, oral medications (e.g. antihistamines for those with allergies), laser therapy and more.

What types of skin issues do pets usually get?

You would be surprised at how similar dogs, cats and other pets are to humans when it comes to dermatological health conditions. Acne, dandruff, yeast infections, impetigo, folliculitis, alopecia as well as parasite infections are all common skin irritants in our furry family members.

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