Microchipping for Pets

The only permanent, reliable way to identify a lost pet for a happy reunion.

No matter how much care and attention you take, accidents can happen that are totally beyond your control. Furry friends are naturally curious, and they may get away from you and become lost in just a split second. Traditional nametags or collars just won’t do anymore. They can break off or wear down. These days, we have microchipping as a permanent means of ID for your pets. To learn more about this device, please call us at 780-475-9225.

What it is a pet microchip?

A microchip is a device that contains your contact info and vital details about your pet’s health. It’s a permanent form of identification, but it is not a GPS. It cannot track your pet’s specific location and whereabouts.

How do pet microchips work?

In the unfortunate event your pet becomes lost, the veterinary clinic or animal rescue group that finds them can scan the microchip and send the information to the manufacturer. Then, the manufacturer can extract the information, and give it to the team that found your pet so they can now have a means of contacting you.

Is pet microchipping safe?

Absolutely. The microchip is made up of materials that are 100% compatible with your pet’s body. It is also very small – just the size of a small grain of rice. We usually place the chip between your pet’s shoulder blades, just underneath their skin. Because it is so painless, no anesthesia is needed and most pets will feel like they are just getting an injection during the procedure.

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