Orthopedic Services for Pets

Supporting the health of your pet’s joints, ligaments, and bones.

Although some pets enjoy a life of leisure and long, afternoon naps, many are actually quite active. For this reason, problems or injuries on the bones, joints and muscles of furry friends are quite common. As a full-service practice, our team here at Delton Veterinary Hospital is able to perform treatments, surgeries and preventative care to keep your pet’s orthopedic health in tip-top shape. Call us at 780-475-9225 to find out more about our orthopedic services.

What are the most common orthopedic problems in pets?

It really depends on your pet’s species, breed, age and lifestyle. Some pets are more genetically predisposed to developing certain kind of conditions, while pets who are more active (e.g. hunting dogs) or those who are older are more prone to a different set of problems. The most common orthopedic problems in canine pals are disc disease, luxating patellas, ligament tears and hip dysplasia. For feline friends, fractures, tendon contractures and osteoarthritis are common.

How are orthopedic problems treated in pets?

Again, this is conditional on your furry family member’s specific problems. After a consultation and diagnosis, our veterinarians may recommend one or a combination of the following:

  • Supplements
  • Anti-inflammatory meds
  • Weight reduction/loss
  • Surgery (e.g. joint replacements)
  • Rehabilitation

How can I tell if my pet has an orthopedic problem?

Some symptoms you can watch out for are limping, wincing, difficulty moving, fatigue, swollen joints and irritability. Call us right away when you notice any of these signs, as they can also be markers for other types of health conditions aside from orthopedic problems.

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